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New Galena Solutions

New Galena Solutions is a marketing strategy and resource network where Marketing Discipline ™ maximizes ROI through research, creativity, efficiency and accountability.  A sounding board, a partner, or somewhere in between, New Galena Solutions provides clients with a higher level of marketing guidance or leadership than they can rightfully afford, allowing them to create a bigger impression (and drive more results from marketing) than their budget would normally allow.



Marketing has a simple goal: create infinite results from finite resources.  Now more than ever, this “business of driving business” requires budgetary discipline and budget-stretching creativity. 


New Galena Solutions offers the expertise of a comprehensive agency without the overhead, accomplished efficiently thanks to the roster of trusted, accountable vendor-partners utilized in creating in-house agencies at three national advertisers (all leaders in their various industries who spent millions in marketing annually).  Our strategic, tactical and communications services (see the navigation at right) utilize a well managed, low-overhead network that solves Marketing challenges effectively and efficiently, all orchestrated by respected marketing leaders. 


Need to trim the budget, but aren’t sure how?  We can help.  Need to expand your interactive presence, but don’t have benchmarks or a system of metrics in place?  We have expertise there.  Want to create a super-efficient in-house department, or to re-focus your marketing operation?  Been there, done that.  New Galena Solutions provides a full spectrum of marketing strategies and services, and the perspective of a research, budget- and ROI-focused “Chief Marketing Officer” for your use. 


New Galena Solutions.  A cost-effective network of leaders in marketing disciplines, and in Marketing Discipline.


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