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Golf & Leisure Marketing

Golf & Leisure Marketing and Consulting is the “operations analysis” arm of New Galena Solutions, drawing upon a network of the best marketing, sales and operations minds in the golf, tourism, hospitality, retail and related industries to create sound strategies, impactful tactics, and meaningful metrics for ROI.

Even in challenging markets, companies succeed by growing their share of the pie.  Learning more about customers and prospects.  Planning better.  Implementing more efficiently. 


Sound marketing always comes back to sound prioritization of resources – specifically, your budget.  Marketing’s goal isn’t to create pretty ads, snazzy brochures or catchy jingles – it is to create infinite results from finite resources. 


We know how to manage budgets, and how to trim the fat without sacrificing the much-needed results.  We have expertise in creating efficient, research-based strategies and tactics, ALWAYS focused on ROI.  The Golf & Leisure network of leaders has the wisdom to strategize, the creativity to communicate, the experience to implement and the diligence to measure.


Does your organization possess the necessary marketing skills to lead the business of driving business?  Are there more things that you could learn?



Golf & Leisure Marketing offers a low-risk way to test the waters.  New Galena Solutions’ proprietary Marketing Stress Test ™ is a stringent check-up on the metrics, the methodology and the focus of your marketing program.  It provides un-biased, cogent analysis, and provides perspective on your targets and strategies, and can offer suggestions on improved planning, implementation and analysis.  The Marketing Stress Test is a one-day, intensive review employing a team of experts, all well schooled in marketing disciplines – and in Marketing Discipline.


Based on availability (and on non-compete agreements), we offer our Marketing Stress Test to new clients for a significantly reduced rate – basically travel expenses and a very minimal honorarium.  After all, a process on ways to stretch your budget shouldn’t waste your budget.  Click on the “Marketing Stress Test” navigation at right, or visit for details and ways to get started.


New Galena Solutions’ Marketing Stress Test – Marketing Discipline for Better Results.



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