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Marketing Stress Test

Galena Solutions’ proprietary Marketing Stress Test ™ is a stringent check-up on the metrics, the methodology and the focus of your marketing program.  It provides un-biased, cogent analysis, and provides perspective on your targets and strategies, and can offer suggestions on improved planning, implementation and analysis.  As with other New Galena and Community Marketing Advisors efforts, "back office" operations and efficiencies are also addressed - this is not a mere subjective look at your advertising (although we will certainly weigh in).  The Marketing Stress Test is a one-day, intensive review that can be conducted on-site or remotely.

Not long ago, a number of major banks were subjected to a “stress test” to ascertain their viability.  These institutions were all high-fliers when the economy was robust, but were less stable and productive in the tighter economic environment.

As in the financial services industry, the current economic environment has taken its toll on Marketing operations.  It is oftentimes easy to have an apparently-successful marketing program when times are good – and its also easy to get a bit, shall we say, overweight.  It takes discipline and efficiency to run lean and mean, and to achieve results when times are tougher. 

When beginning a program of diet and exercise, cardiologists recommend a stress test to determine a level of fitness.  They also recommend cutting fat.  While we are not doctors (we do have a PhD in our alliance, but that doesn’t count), we are experts in creating and running a lean, efficient operation.  We can determine the level of fitness of your marketing program with our proprietary Marketing Stress Test.  We won’t hook anybody up to electrodes and make them walk on treadmills, but we will exercise your tactics and your budget in the hopes of losing some fat – and aligning tactics with your strategies and goals. 

Is your marketing program sufficiently addressing the key issues that drive your business?  Is there waste?  Will the tactics and the budget stand up to the rigors of a stress test? 

We have conducted versions of our Marketing Stress Test for marketers as varied as Reynolds Plantation, ChampionsGate Resort, Lake Oconee (Georgia) Tourism Board and famed Christmas manufacturer Byers Choice, and have conducted market analysis for Celebration Associates, Blowing Rock Resort Ventures and others.  We have a team of experts that we mix-and-match based upon the specific needs of the client and the project, but all are well schooled in marketing disciplines – and in Marketing Discipline.

New Galena Solutions’ Marketing Stress Test – Marketing Discipline for Better Results.

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