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The Outhouse Agency

The Outhouse Agency is the “tactical implementation” arm of New Galena Solutions, offering all of the talent, creativity and depth of experience of a full-service agency without all of the high variable costs, and all of the diligence and ROI accountability of an in-house department without the high fixed costs.

When a company is looking for the best steward of a marketing budget, the discussion of in-house department versus marketing/advertising agency inevitably comes up.  Trouble is, unless the budget reaches a certain size, there are significant trade-offs. 


Ad agencies provide great creative and a fresh perspective on your business.  BUT the meter is running on every project and conversation, and you pay for their learning curve.  You hire an agency based on their depth of knowledge and expertise, but do you really know what you are really paying for? 


In-house departments offer bottom-line focus and customer knowledge.  BUT there are high fixed costs, and most companies can’t cost-justify getting an industry leader on their payroll.


Why not get the best of both worlds?  If you’re afraid of big agency sticker shock but can’t do an in-house agency the right way, go OUTHOUSE. 


The Outhouse Agency is network-based.  Tapping into the best resources of independent marketing, advertising, media, creative and website/interactive consultants gets you flexibility, talent, and impact – with surprising cost-efficiency.


The Outhouse Agency provides all the services of a full-service agency without all of the overhead.  What better defines low overhead than a lack of indoor plumbing?




One of the definitions of “retain” is “to hold back” – is an agency retainer holding you back? 


With a retained agency, you are locked into the staffing they have in place.  To implement your marketing, advertising and media programs, The Outhouse Agency sources the projects to just the right resource.  Drawing upon years of relationships and successful partnerships, we utilize the best roster of independent, experienced freelancers and yes, even ad agencies.


We believe in ad agencies.  We’ve worked for them, worked with them, and had them work for us.  With the right direction, they can do great things.  We work with a small network of agencies – firms that our principals have worked with in the past.  From there, we “buy” just the agency services that you need.  And with our experience “behind the curtain,” we know how to get the most bang for the buck.




If you would like, we are happy to perform these functions in concert with in-house staff, with the goal of training them to take over without our involvement in future years.  We are happy to be up-front about all that - in many cases there really isn’t long-term benefit to tying us together, and we know very well how to build an in-house agency the right way.  Let us help!




As you grow, you may want to enlist a traditional ad agency.  We can assist in the agency selection process, and help to negotiate with them.  We know how ad agencies make money, and can help craft a win-win partnership for you.


We can also help your in-house staff make best use of an outside agency, offering budgetary discipline and prioritization with creativity, flexibility and responsiveness.




The Outhouse Agency is network-based, and the same expertise in efficiency we “sell” to clients is utilized in our operations.  In general, we are able to be successful offering agency services with the following:

* Negotiated, nothing-hidden fees
          (there is no incentive for us to spend more of your money needlessly)

* No locked-in contract

* Media buying without mark-up or 15% agency commission





The Outhouse Agency offers a low-risk way to test the waters.  New Galena Solutions’ proprietary Marketing Stress Test ™ is a stringent check-up on the metrics, the methodology and the focus of your marketing program.  It provides un-biased, cogent analysis, and provides perspective on your targets and strategies, and can offer suggestions on improved planning, implementation and analysis.  The Marketing Stress Test is a one-day, intensive review employing a team of experts, all well schooled in marketing disciplines – and in Marketing Discipline.


Based on availability (and on non-compete agreements), we offer our Marketing Stress Test to new clients for a significantly reduced rate – basically travel expenses and a very minimal honorarium.  After all, a process on ways to stretch your budget shouldn’t waste your budget.  Click on the “Marketing Stress Test” navigation at right, or visit for details and ways to get started.


New Galena Solutions’ Marketing Stress Test – Marketing Discipline for Better Results.


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We recognize that the imagery of our name is not good.  But we are falling back on the rationale from an old Smuckers ad campaign (“with a name like Smuckers, it has to be good”).  Smuckers is a way better name than Outhouse, so we must be REALLY good.  And, you gotta admit, its memorable.


We also hope you appreciate that we have not overburdened The Outhouse Agency site with “potty humor” (even the subheading “Bottom Line” is unintentional…kind of).  While all of us are over 9 years old, we were tempted nonetheless.  Call us and we can share., or e-mail us your best agency tagline to .

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